Vogue Arabia launches in print

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Vogue Arabia became the 22nd global edition of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine when it launched in print on March 5.

The bi-lingual magazine follows the digital-first launch of Vogue.me in October 2016, and features supermodel Gigi Hadid - who has Arab roots via her Palestinian father – on the launch cover.

Editor-in-Chief, Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, said: “Vogue Arabia is a magazine with the authority and insight needed to capture the creativity of a distinctive, evolving, and often misrepresented part of the world.

"The collage of countries across the Arab world are long-deserving of a place in fashion history, and there’s no better first ‘face’ to lead the charge for Vogue Arabia than Gigi — a model who defines tomorrow’s entrepreneurial and dynamic generation."

The magazine will be distributed across the MENA region - with a strong presence in the GCC, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt - as well as international fashion hubs such as London, Paris, Milan, and New York.

Shashi Menon, CEO of Nervora and Publisher of Vogue Arabia, said: “The unparalleled heritage and global footprint of the Vogue brand, combined with our distinct strategy of publishing more than 90% locally commissioned content with dual language editorial, assures our pan-Arab business will be successful.”

Vogue is currently published in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mexico & Latin America, Korea, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, India, Turkey, Thailand, the Netherlands and the Ukraine.

Karina Dobrotvorskaya, President of Condé Nast New Markets, said: “The launch of Vogue Arabia is probably the most important, and exciting, magazine debut that I’ve ever been involved with.

"From the very beginning we knew that we wanted to address not just a local expat community, but all fashion-savvy Arab women. This is why we launched Vogue digitally first in two languages in October 2016. It's also why we do not just syndicate fashion shoots from different international editions of Vogue, and why we produce the shoots ourselves, especially for our Arab audience."